Tempo arenoso

Tempo arenoso (Sandy Time) was constructed by ideas and concepts that involve the questionings of how we see time, of how we believe that time can fictionalize our gaze. Stepping away from a linear narrative, the essay treats the landscape as a thought; it is about the dilution of physical time into the contemplative one, of time captured by photography and converted into memory. Such memory is not conditioned to a state of remembering a once seen landscape; it is, however, the malleable nature of the experience that fosters the desire of living more through the photographic image itself.

Tempo arenoso (Sandy Time) was based on a project conducted by the photographer Eliane Pessoa (1968), who accompanied the researcher and anthropologist Georgia Quintas during one year. While developing the editing process and the work’s concept, theoretical references and readings embraced the discussion about time, memory, latency, and fictional narrative. The philosophy of Henri Bergson and the literature of Mario Benedetti have propelled the reflection about this visual research.

ISBN: 978-85-68804-00-1
Publisher: Olhavê, 2015
500 copies, signed and numbered
50 pages, 18 photos
Editing: Georgia Quintas
Design: Yana Parente
Editorial coordination: Alexandre Belém
Print: Ipsis
Value: USD 25.00 + Shipping

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