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O Amigo Clicio Barroso me alertou para o fato da história do fotógrafo Anthony Suau, ver post abaixo, não ser “tão triste”.

Leiam o comentário que Clicio escreveu no post do Olha, vê:

Alexandre, parece que o negócio não é bem assim…
Vários posts dizem que o artigo de Lang na PDN é mentiroso, e tomo a liberdade de publicar um deles aqui abaixo; também postei um artigo comentando o assunto em meu blog, que pode ser visto em
Disse Sarah no PDN:
February 14, 2009
Anyone reading this story should first check the facts. Something the writer Daryl Lang failed to do before publishing his words. The fact is Time Magazine obviously listened to Suau’s concerns because they did publish a selection of his images from this story in the magazine on May 26, 2008 issue of TIME – 8 pages. Mr Lang claims that TIME Magazine did not publish the story but it was only on This should have been checked as the story then lost total credibility. Also check out TIME June 30, 2008 issue with a cover and 8 pages by Suau on the US/Mexican border. Anyone who subscribes to TIME saw this. Second all freelance writers, artist and photographers struggle to find work, that’s the nature of freelance – some months are good and some months are bad but if your career spans 20 or 30 years as I see Mr. Suaus does, things usually balance out which is how you stay in business. I can understand his greater concern in these times when newspapers and magazines are experiencing cut backs and so on. The sensational headline obviously was affective in getting people to read a badly reported story. Finally where in the article does it say that Mr. Suau is about to loose his home? No where. Does he even have a mortgage. The idea that Mr. Suau would have to pursue another profession sounds a little tongue and cheek give his long standing career and numerous accomplishments. I am sorry but this story has no credibility. Unfortunately it has been reprinted over the internet and all involved failed at rule number one – check the facts. Nicely done Mr Lang and PDN.”

Clicio publicou um post no seu blog sobre o assunto, aqui.

O negócio tá ficando bom e vamos acompanhar os desdobramentos.

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