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Day/Month/Year – 07/04/2007
Place/Country – Carnauba do Dantas – Rio Grande do Norte – Brazil

Brief Caption Information – Reportage held in March and April of 2007. The goal was showing the effects of global warming already visible in the Northeast of Brazil. Have traveled more than 10 thousand kilometers, and six states for the implementation of the report.
In this photograph:
Mr. Deca Marinheiro and wife. They live in Carnauba of Dantas, desert of Rio Grande do Norte.
There the water only reached thanks to construction of a reservoir that captures the rain water.
There is no electricity. Each year, Deca Mariner feels the warmer climate and the region where he lives has fewer inhabitants.

Publication – Jornal do Commercio

Date of the first publication – 05/06/2007


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